BOOK: The Top 100 Questions on Khilafah

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After the first anniversary of the Arab spring in January 2012 much has changed in the Muslim world and its shocks continue to reverberate across the world. Whilst the uprisings in the Muslim world continue perceptions of the Muslim world both inside and outside the region continue to fluctuate.

The failure of most of the secular parties in the elections that have taken place in the Muslim lands have forced many in the West to revaluate their positions. The initial Islamic statements by the Islamic parties that won have now given way to the reality of ruling and the debate surrounding Islam and secularism continues to get louder as the call from the region for Islam gets louder. Attempts by the West to hijack the uprisings continue and this trend has continues in Syria as the West works to ensure any change remains cosmetic.

To overcome this challenge and ensure the uprisings are not hijacked it is important that the call for Islam is clear and is for its complete implementation. What does this exactly mean? As Muslims we have faith that an Islamic system is the best system but often we may support this idea without knowing what kind of policies would be enacted, and this can leave many questions in our minds. Is Islam really capable of governing in the 21st century? Does Islam have solutions to the economic woes of the Muslim world? What does Islam say about relations with foreign nations? Can Islam solve the sectarian problems of today? How would an Islamic system be established? Would this be an accountable and representative system?

The aim of this book is to provide simple answers to practical questions. The book aims to cover key areas of governance, economy, foreign policy and law. Many books exist detailing the various systems of Islam such as the economic system, social system, judicial system, ruling system and others. To understand all of these various aspects of the Islamic system in detail requires a basic understanding of the principles that underpin such disciplines.

This book aims to show the Islamic stance, which is made in a clear and easy manner for everyone to understand without lots of details. The answers also guide to detailed research on such areas, which will allow for further study.

Adnan Khan

26th August 2012

8 Shawwal 1433 AH

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    Assalamu alaykum. Brother Muslims all over the world are aspiring and needful to carry on the support to Khilafah. Please we should start first making the Muslims understand the religion of Islam through Islamic education. Our children today are entering schools from kinder up to colleges to study the sciences without any religious sciences. They are learning only the worldly subjects without iman in Allah. That is why Muslims are only in name. No actual implementation of Islam.
    We in the Philippines do respectfully introduce an ideal school for Muslim children. Wassalam. Watteau Ibrahim

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