BOOK: The Islamic Personality Volume 1

The Islamic Personality: Volume 1 – Intellectual and Islamic Sciences

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The Islamic Personality Vol 1(Ash-Shakhsiyya Al Islamiya) is the first part of the 3 volume masterpiece written by Shaykh Taqī ad-Dīn An-Nabhānī.

The first Volume puts down firm foundations for belief and the fundamentals of Islamic thought. It deals with the crucial issue of the basis & formation of the Islamic personality (shakhsiya), The correct understanding of the widely debated yet vague subject of Al Qada wal Qadr, The Qur’an, its revelation and its compilation, The Sunnah, Hadith, its sciences and the classification of ahadith, Fiqh and its principles (Usul Al-Fiqh), Tafseer In the past and present and the correct method of performing tafseer.