BOOK: “The Responsibility of the Ruler and the Ruled”

Download the book from here.

The women members’ of Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan have written this book which seeks to clarify the relationship between the Ruler and Ruled and its importance in maintaining a strong Khilafah, which is to come soon inshaAllah. It covers the basic concept of what a Muslim is responsible for and then more specifically the Ruler’s responsibility to his people and the people’s responsibility to the Ruler. When the Khilafah returns, the Ummah must cling to this understanding with its teeth, to prevent a recurrence of all the suffering it faced due to the absence of Islam.

The book then elaborates on how the current rulers in the the Muslim nations, who demand the obedience of their people are not legitimate Rulers of the Ummah from Islam. They were not contracted legitimately by a Bayah through consent and choice, for the implementation of Islam. They have usurped the position of the legitimate Ruler of the Muslims. They are oppressors, who implement a non-Islamic system that is based on man-made law not Allah’s (swt) law, and they allow the colonialist powers free hand to exploit and oppress the Muslim Ummah. They must be accounted and removed.

The women of Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan, invite all women of all races and schools of thought to join the work of their Muslim sisters around the world, from Morocco to Indonesia, who call for the return of Islam as a way of life. Hizb ut Tahrir operates strict separation between the work of the men and women, according to the guidelines for the Islamic society wherein the men and women are in separate rows.

14 Rabi’ I 1434 H