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Biased Trial of Geert Wilders is a Political Issue and it is against the Muslim Community

Today began the criminal offence trial of Geert Wilders, head of the Party of Freedom, due to alleged insults to the Moroccans living in the Netherlands, shouting “fewer Moroccans” in 2014, which has made Wilders’ attorney justify it by saying that the words quoted by Wilders against the Moroccans is but a political act, and political acts are the prerogative of parliament, not the court. Wilders has also received support from some who do not agree with what he uttered, but they agreed with him on the point that it is a political issue in origin, which should be placed in the parliament, but not for the reasons cited by Wilders and those of his ilk.

The reality of this political issue traces its roots back to years ago, specifically in 2010 when Wilders was tried because of other statements he made such as: “Fascist Islam is the real problem,” and evoking the glorious Qur’an as one that carries a sick ideology, such as those contained in the book by Hitler titled “Mein Kampf”. However, he was acquitted at that time, and the judge commented on the acquittal with clear endorsement of Wilders, saying: “We believe that these words are allowed because they are considered of public debate in which I participated as a politician.” No one can clearly imagine a more obvious context than this frankness, so the issue is not words as much as a political issue whose increasing impact is growing day by day.

This political issue was not in fact directed against Wilders, but directed against the Muslim community and what it carries of ideas and beliefs, and against the sanctities of Muslims and mocking them, and in this, the public system sends a clear political signal that the anti-Islam ideology of Secularism will continue strongly, this is also in conjunction with the assimilation policy being followed in order to strike the ideas of Islam and eliminate Islam from society.

But what is striking is that the attack this time was not related to the ideas of a group of people, but it relates to their roots. In a meeting held between Wilders and his supporters and others a cafe in the city of The Hague, Wilders said: “I ask you, do you want in this city and in the Netherlands more or fewer Moroccans?” The crowd responded by chanting “fewer, fewer, fewer” and Wilders said: “Then we will arrange it.”

This time also, the case was a political issue not directed against Wilders as many would like it to be, but addresses the Muslim community. So let’s now assume the best prospects, namely the loss of the case and conviction of Wilders, what does this mean? What is the message they want to deliver? That Moroccans should not be placed in one pot, and that insulting any group is a criminal offense? Is this not normal? Such a ruling should not be imagined as a great victory, because originally the contrary is against all principles of justice and equity, also they are condemning him for what he uttered against Moroccans only, although Moroccans are part of the Muslim community, so why then shouldn’t he be convicted for what he uttered against Islam and the Muslims!

What is shocking and surprising is that at a time they are defending the origin and roots of a community, you see them at the same time fighting and despising the ideas and beliefs of the same group, and what can be discerned from this policy is that they are trying to separate Moroccan from their Islamic identity, as though they are trying to say: “You are welcome as long as you adapt your Islam in accordance with the capitalist secular principle.” This is undoubtedly a clear call to the secularization of the Muslim community.


Okay Pala

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in The Netherlands

Monday, 30th Muharram 1438 AH

31/10/2016 CE

No.: 03/1438 AH

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  1. In the western world, there are two main political factions: the liberal progressives (also known as “regressive left”) who are like Abdullah bin Ubayy, and the right-wing ultranationalists who are like Abu Leheb/Abu Jehell. Right now most of the west is ruled by the liberals and the right-wing are just (often controlled) opposition. Both sides are the enemy of islam, the only difference is that the right-wing openly admits it while the lefty liberals dont and play the Yin-Yang mind game to divide the muslims into the “good islam” (moderate) and “bad islam” (extreme), and side with one to try destroy the other. Of course what they call “radical extremism” is just a codeword for the real true islam, meanwhile what they define as “moderate” is Kufr in reality. The right wingers such as Geert Wilders, PEGIDA, AfD, Le Pen, Britain First, EDL, Pamela Geller and maybe President Trump (if he keeps to his anti-muslim election rhetoric) are the LESSER OF THE TWO EVILS compared to the liberal left, because the right-wing dont play the Yin-Yang mind game with us to divide Islam into their arbitrary duopoly where (according to liberals) the secular-reformists like Majid Nawaz/Sadiq Khan control half and Anjem Choudary/Daesh supporters control the other half of islam. We reject their concept of Islam being divided into a duopoly.

    So what is happening here with the politically-motivated trials against Geert Wilders and other ultranationalists like Britain First and BNP, is that the liberal elites who control power are trying to shut down the right-wing opposition, because they know the ultranationalists are the lesser of the two evils who will only unite the whole muslim ummah around islamic ideology such shariia, jihad and Caliphate, and shatter the hallucinating stranglehold of liberal sodomist/feminist/democrazy/secular thought from muslims minds. This is similar to a hypothetical scenario where Abdullah bin Ubayy tries to eliminate by hook or crook Abu Leheb and Abu Jehell (who unite the ummah together around a common enemy) so that Abdullah bin Ubayy can remain standing as the only enemy of islam, then without the existence of AbuLeheb/Abu Jehell he can sabotage the muslims from the inside and divide the muslim ummah against each other. So we should hope and pray that the divisive conspiracies of the liberals and their Munaafiq puppets will fail and be exposed inshallah.

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