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Battle of Buwaib, 14th Ramadhan 13 AH!

In the year 13 AH, the month of Ramadan witnessed the Battle of Buwaib, led by the feat commander Al-Muthanna bin Al-Haritha, in which the number of Muslims in this battle were 8000 only, while the Persians numbered 100,000; nevertheless, it was a great victory for the Muslims. Indeed, in this lies an exhortation and a lesson for those who reflect, the month of fasting and reciting the Qur’an is not a month of laziness and sleep, rather it is a month of Imaan motivating the work to uphold the word of Allah (swt) by implementing His rule and defeating His enemies.

Sunday, 14 Ramadan 1440 AH – 19 May 2019 CE