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Bangladesh Headlines – 7 Oct 2018


  • 2 Killed in Blast at Cordoned ‘Militant Den’ in Chittagong
  • India should invade Bangladesh if Torture against Hindus not stopped

2 Killed in Blast at Cordoned ‘Militant Den’ in Chittagong

“A faction of Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh had plotted to carry out subversive activities at the court building of Chattogram”, Rab claimed after busting a “militant den” in the district’s Mirsarai yesterday. Two members of the faction were killed in a blast inside the hideout, a tin-shed house in Uttar Sonapahar of Jorarganj union, during an operation of Rab-7, said the elite crime-busters. The identities of the suspects, aged between 28 to 35 years, could not be known immediately.” (The Daily Star, October 6, 2018)

It is notable here that similar kind of killing of unidentified people by the security agencies of the government has been escalated since the Gulshan café attack in 2016. More than 82 people were killed during the period. It is now a common knowledge of the general people that the prototyped incidents are staged when the government intends to gain a political advantage by demonstrating their loyalty towards their colonial masters who are waging war against Islam throughout the globe under the cloak of fighting against terrorists. It is observed in the past that the number of such tragic incidents increases at times when the secular Awami government needed to gain the support of their masters, who are afraid of rising of Islam in Bangladesh, and prove their worth as a loyal slave to implement the Western agenda of suppressing the Islamic forces. Tyranny and oppression of the ruling Awami League over the opposition is not unknown. Killing, torturing, abducting, and lodging false cases are their regular affairs, and many of those events also did appear in different media. There is no credential of the story that the government is trying to present to the people.

The reality is that the election time is approaching, and the so-called international community is increasingly taking interest in Bangladesh politics. The secular political parties are lobbying with their Western and regional masters to prove their worth as loyal slaves. Now is the time for the government to prove its worth as well, and for the matter they need to demonstrate their commitment towards the Western policy of uprooting Islamic revivalists. The incident in case is one of such worth‑proving exercise of the government, and we fear many more similar incident may happen in the near future.


India should invade Bangladesh if Torture against Hindus not stopped

Subramanian Swamy, Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) parliamentarian advised Indian government to invade Bangladesh and take over it if the torture over Hindus is not stopped while speaking with reporters at Agartala on September 30, 2018. He said that “India will continue to support it [Bangladesh], but its Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina should be warned to stop those ‘mad’ people from demolishing Hindu temples, converting Hindu temples into mosques and converting Hindus to Muslims. If Bangladesh authorities do not stop torturing on Hindus, I would recommend that our government [India] invades Bangladesh.” He also delivered similar statements to invade Bangladesh in October 2012.

The BJP parliamentarian’s racially motivated hate speech came at a time when Muslims in India are the frequent victim of lynching by the extremist Hindus on the suspicion of slaughtering or transporting cows or trading or consuming beef. It was reported in The Hindustan Times on July 16, 2017 that 86% killed in cow-related violence since 2010 are Muslim. Human Rights Watch’s latest World Report 2018 also states that the intensity of organized religious persecution against Muslims increased in Narandra Modi’s term since May 2014 due to many senior BJP leaders publicly promoted Hindu supremacy and ultra-nationalism.

The attack on the Hindus in Bangladesh has always been some scattered incidents. And for the recent rise of attacks on the Hindu, the local and international news media have covered several times that these were mainly orchestrated or backed by ruling Awami politicians. But we see these lowlife BJP leaders’ hatred is rather on the mass Muslims instead of on the ruling Awami League activists. Subramanian Swamy dares to utter such provocative statement repeatedly as he and his government knows that the ruling class of Bangladesh is subservient to India, and that this spineless Awami government will not even issue a statement against such audacious speech.