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Bangladesh Headlines – 26 March 2019


  • Students’ protest for Road Safety
  • Per Capita Income is US$ 1909

Students’ protest for Road Safety

Students’ protests for road safety flared up across the capital and many districts on the second consecutive day on Wednesday following the death of a Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) student as a speeding bus ran him over on Tuesday. The students of BUP and educational institutions in the adjacent areas started their protests on Pragati Sarani in front of Jamuna Future Park at Bashundhara in the morning for safety on roads and justice for the killing of the BUP student, Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury. As the day went by, hundreds of students of different public and private universities expressed solidarity with BUP students and took position in different locations of Dhaka for the same demands. Agitated students said that the government cheated them as it did not implement any of their demands pressed for seven months ago. They said that they could not trust any government assurance again and would continue the protests until realization of the demands. (New Age, March 21, 2019)

Seeking justice from the rulers of the democratic ruling system is a mirage when the system itself is the main source of anarchy in the society. Democratic politics is heavily influenced by the interest of the capitalists and their associates with vested interests. Since this relationship between the elites and the system is sacred, Democratic governments rarely take any decision which affects the interest of the group. And so we see, the majority of demands which were placed in the last road safety movement endorsed by the different level of government including the Prime Minister herself are yet to be fulfilled as the implementation of those demands shall negatively affect the interest of this elite group in the transportation sector.

So when the system and its rulers are the cause of the anarchy, seeking justice from them is rather giving them legitimacy. Demanding justice from them is nothing but a waste of time, energy and effort, and it gives further validity to the rulers to do further atrocity. Demanding the abolishment of the flawed and corrupt democratic system by re-establishing the righteous Khilafah (Caliphate) should be the proper call to establish justice where the rules, regulations and decisions are taken from the Hukm Shariah.


Per Capita Income is US $1909

Finance minister Mustafa Kamal recently announced the increase in per capita income after a meeting in the town. The financial year 2018-2019 is yet to be finished, but the per capita income reached US$1909. In September 2018 it was US$1751. So in the last six months the increase is 158 US dollars. …  .. . (The Bangla Tribune, 19th March, 2019)

The recent statistics of increase in ‘per capita income’ must be placed with the figures of rise in unemployment rate, position in the graft index and scoring high as a brutal regime side by side. That will help to depict the scenario. Moreover, the foxy leaders learnt it pretty well from their Western masters how to tell lies with wily statistics. We will never know the true reality of how they calculated these numbers as long as the thugs hold on to the ‘throne’. But we all know, even if most of the benefits are drained towards the ruling class and the associates, still the ‘average’ will show a nice increase in people’s wealth. Capitalism inherently induces the law of the jungle. The capitalist way of thinking initiates means and tools that are intrinsically designed to camouflage the true damage happening in the society. The lower economic class is living from hand to mouth, a huge portion of young generation is out of work, the savings of the middle class is being looted by the loan defaulters. At the same time a section of the society registering themselves to the six and nine zero clubs, having hefty Swiss bank accounts and owning business and dwellings like ‘second home’ in rich continents. Now if they present the average of these two contradictory realities and call for the appreciation, this is truly laughable to people of intellect.