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Bangladesh Headlines – 11 Sept 2018


  • India’s Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Sex in Landmark Ruling
  • IRI Survey: PM Hasina’s Popularity Marks Significant Rise

India’s Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Sex in Landmark Ruling

India court legalizes gay sex in landmark ruling. The ruling overturns a colonial-era law, known as section 377, under which gay sex is categorized as an “unnatural offence”. The court has now ruled discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is a fundamental violation of rights.

The news got plentiful coverage in Bangladesh both in mainstream and social media because of the political and cultural bondage between India and Bangladesh. Although legalizing homosexuality is nothing new and many Western countries have gone far astray accepting same sex marriage, incest sex, bestiality etc. the Indian Supreme Court’s ruling will have much impact on our society. Both countries share the same legal legacy left by the British Colonialist. To be specific –the Bangladesh legal regime uses the same Penal Code and the section 377 is similarly applicable here. And Indian case references are often cited in Bangladesh Supreme court in order to clarify provisions of law or to get proper interpretation of laws. People of Bangladesh have a genuine concern for this filthy disease creeping into our society. There are a number of reasons for us to be worried about. Firstly, under the current political system Bangladesh is just like a satellite state of India having no filtering process in place to judge whether to accept or not any culture or dictation coming from there. Any culture however vulgar would, therefore, be drifting into our society. Secondly, it is known from history that many bizarre Hollywood cultural practices infiltrate into our society via Bollywood – examples are, Thirty First Night, Valentine’s Day etc. Thirdly, the ruling system is a package that includes beliefs and culture. If a society is governed by the Western secular system, it is not surprising that over the time secular filthy culture will dominate that society. One can’t expect mango from an apple tree. Similarly, being ruled by a system that is based on the concept of human sovereignty and personal freedom, a country cannot stop filthy homosexuality creeping into her society. For secularists – homosexuality is matter of personal choice, and likewise the UN has also welcomed the India court’s ruling, saying “sexual orientation and gender expression form an integral part of an individual’s identity the world over” (source - Honestly, with the present world order and with the secular ruling system we cannot prevent for long this filthy disease infecting our society.


IRI survey: PM Hasina’s popularity marks significant rise.

According to the “National Survey of Bangladesh Public Opinion”, published on 4 September 2018, conducted by International Republican Institute (IRI), the Awami League government still has strong public support base (64%). The survey also indicated that 62% people believe that the country is marching ahead in right direction and 69% people are satisfied with the economic situation of the country. The vast majority of respondents (68%) are satisfied with prevailing state of security in the country. The report also claimed that majority people are satisfied with government healthcare services, electricity and ongoing infrastructure development program.

Publishing such survey report at this crucial period of time is significant in the political arena of Bangladesh, especially when general election is only four months away and Awami League government, which was born out of US-India compromise, is struggling to justify their 10 years long reign due to their absolute failure to live up to the expectation of the people as far as socio economic developments are concerned. People of Bangladesh has sneaking suspicion on the ulterior objective of the survey, and credibility IRI is also under the spotlight whose main aim is to safeguard western interests by promoting the so-called democracy across the world.

Fact of the matter is that Bangladeshi people do not trust AL-BNP politics anymore. When Awami league is harshly subjugating general masses to ensure absolute and permanent control over the country through extrajudicial killing, enforced disappearance, and have created an environment of fear to silence people’s voice against their widespread corruption, there can’t be any reason on earth for people to love them. The recent popular quota reform and road safety movements clearly exposed that the popularity of Awami-led government is at the bottom. People of Bangladesh have lost confidence on the secular democratic system altogether and desperately searching for an alternative. Under this circumstance, IRI survey report is viewed as another effort by the Western master to rescue the system and the regime that people has completely lost trust on, and it is certainly not the reflection of true public opinion.