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Bangladesh Headlines – 10 April 2019


  • BJMC Meeting with Workers fails to end Stalemate
  • 2 Bangladeshis killed in BSF Firing in Chapainawabganj

BJMC Meeting with Workers fails to end Stalemate

A meeting between the authorities of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation and leaders of Bangladesh Patkol Sramik League and all state-owned jute mills’ workers unions ended without any specific decision on Saturday.  Against the backdrop of state-owned jute mill workers’ 72-hour strike and four-hour road and railway blockade for three-days since April 2, BJMC chairman called the leaders for the meeting at BJMC headquarters in Dhaka. The meeting discussed the demands of workers, including payment of all due wages and salaries and implementation of the National Wage and Productivity Commission Award 2015. (The New Age, April 7, 2019)

What a pity that the workers are not getting their promised amounts while the Government in collaboration with United Nation claims that the GDP growth exceeds 8% this year. The loan defaulters are getting chances after chances while the workers are being thrown behind the bars just for claiming their dues! The ruling thugs are very cruel in subjugating the voice of the people. The growth and development are only meant for the ruling class. If not, then how they will explain the recent declaration of GDP per capita increase when the workers have a negative balance? The Prime Minister hardly has any time to bother about it. Otherwise how can she celebrate her father’s birthday and boast about her father’s so-called ‘sonar bangla dream’, while hundreds and thousands of workers are in movement to claim their due salaries to feed their striving family members.


2 Bangladeshis killed in BSF Firing in Chapainawabganj

Two Bangladeshi cattle traders have been shot dead, reportedly by India’s Border Security Force (BSF), in Masudpur border area under Shibganj upazila, Chapainawabganj. Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) Chapainawabganj 53 Battalion Commander Lt Col Sajjad Sarwar confirmed the matter and said: “BSF members of Shobhapur camp battalion 78 opened fire on Milon and his associates while they were trying to cross into Indian territory around 3am on Tuesday, leaving one dead and another injured.” Locals claimed that another Bangladeshi—Senarul—was also shot that night. The officer said: “BGB is going to issue a letter to BSF to hold a flag meeting.”(Dhaka Tribune, April 2, 2019)

When the cold blooded murder of two Muslims in Bangladesh by the Mushrik border guards of India has stirred agitation in Chapainawabganj border, the regimes of Bangladesh and India are claiming that the relationship between the countries have reached to an extraordinary level. Indeed, it is India that is having her golden period in subjugating Bangladesh by all means only due to the treachery of Hasina. Apart from numerous anti-state deals and MoU with India to cripple our border force and miliatry, Hasina has kept on humiliating our BGB by having them to send sweetmeats to the BSF on various occasions, whereas this Mushrik force has kept continuing its hate crime against the Muslims in Bangladesh. This clearly shows that Hasina government does not care about the Ummah but upholds, protects and executes the nefarious interests of India to secure her throne. These oppressions by our own rulers and those from the Mushrik forces can only be stopped through the re-establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood.