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Bangladesh Closes Schools for Rohingya Muslims It Threatens to Strip their Identities and Deport them to a Remote Island if Opened!

Officials in Bangladesh threaten to confiscate Rohingya refugees’ identity documents and forcibly transfer them to a remote flood-prone island, if they violate an arbitrary ban on schools they have set up, according to Human Rights Watch. A report issued by the organization said that refugees need identification documents called “data cards” issued by the United Nations refugee agency in cooperation with the Bangladesh government to access basic aid and services. Since December 2021, the Bangladeshi authorities have banned schools set up by Rohingya teachers to make up for the lack of formal and secondary education in refugee camps, closed Islamic schools, and banned humanitarian organizations from providing education to Rohingya refugee children outside basic and informal classes and the primary level.

A new criminal procedure is being committed by the Bangladesh authorities against our Rohingya brothers and sisters who have sought refuge there to escape the Buddhists’ brutality and crimes against them. It is restricting and pressuring them in their livelihood including their family’s livelihood by threatening to withdraw their identity cards used to receive aid. Above that they threaten to relocate them to another flood and hurricane prone remote island, which it relocated 20,000 people prior, all for nothing except that the Rohingya refugees wanted to teach their children about their Deen and worldly sciences, so they established schools to fill the shortage in the number of schools, of which authorities closed them, and threatened teachers and guardians not to secretly teach in their homes.

Human Rights Watch has warned that nearly 30,000 children will be deprived of education as a result of these measures, which means the loss of an entire generation, as if these children did not taste enough of oppression and tyranny they faced in their country, as well as the bitterness of asylum and the difficulty of its path, and the hardship of living in the camps, such that they are deprived of education after they found a way to it.

Bangladesh authorities claim that they have taken these measures with the aim of excluding schools that “promote extremism and engage in illegal activities.” Therefore, they poured out their anger on Islamic schools and closed them. It is a weak excuse and an exposed measure in its war and animosity to Islam and Muslims and their closeness to the kuffar in their malicious war on Islam and Muslims under the slogan “Fighting Terrorism and Extremism.”

It has become clear to everyone with sight and insight that the Bengali regime and other regimes in Muslim countries betrayed and conspired against their issues. It is high time to oust these puppet regimes and replace them with a Divine system, that implements the Deen and gives justice to the oppressed and ends their suffering. Only the second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) can achieve this. So go forth to establish it.

O people of power and protection: Support Allah, His Messenger, and the believers, and Allah will you support you in this world and the Hereafter.

Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

Press Release
2 Ramadan 1443  – Sunday, 3rd April 2022
No: AH/ 029 1443