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Anarchy and Pandemonium are One Coin but Different Faces of Democracy

Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has condemned the attack on Deputy President William Ruto’s tour of the Western Region on Saturday 23rd October 2021. Several vehicles from Ruto’s motorcade were destroyed when a section of youth protested his tour of Busia Town. Eight suspects have already been arrested in connection to the violence. The culprits were youth who were chanting pro-ODM slogans as they threw stones at the DP’s motorcade. Matiang’i cautioned that the government will have no tolerance on anyone disrupting political gatherings.

Kenya is not spared from the stinking campaigns for Democratic elections. As elections are approaching, politicians are as busy as bees drumming up support for their various parties or coalitions, hate speeches from democratic politicians and violence from their supporters are escalating. The deputy president, despite the fact who was accompanied by area MPs including John Waluke, Fred Kapondi, Majimbo Kalasinga, Dan Wanyama, Didmus Barasa, Mwambu Mabonga, Benjamin Washiali and former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, this didn’t stop the area residents who are affiliated with an opponent political party or coalition, from stoning his entourage.

Anarchy and pandemonium are just as one coin but different faces of Democracy. Where there’s Democracy, violence, war and all kinds of lawlessness are strife. This can be witnessed since the emergency of democratic system in the world in 1789, following the French Revolution. The world witnessed unprecedented acts of violence including shedding of innocent peoples’ blood especially of the priests and clergies.

The so-called revolutionists had a heinous slogan agitating people to hang kings and princes with the intestines of the last priests they find!!This was done as democracy came to last now a trend. For example, Donald Trump incited his followers to cause chaos and violence after being defeated in elections 2020. His followers caused mayhem and even dared to invade the Senate.

This is just inception. Worse is anticipated when elections are held and results announced. Where the temperature of anxiety and tension astronomically rise to come culminate to violence and pandemonium.

These acts of barbarism are not only rampant in democratic countries as elections loom but, are indeed endemic. A clear indication of how democratic campaigns lead to violence and war even before the outcome of elections where some candidates refuse to concede defeat. Elections have not yet been held, yet violence and lawlessness are being witnessed.

Democratic campaigns have absolutely failed to cohesively mould people and peacefully gather them together under one umbrella of peace as one in formidable nation.

Hussein Muhammad Hassan
Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya