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America is Not a Political Warrant, but the Source of Savagery and Massacre!

Iraq’s parliament speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi, stated during his speech in the Iraqi Embassy Building in Washington, that there is an agreement between the Iraqi Presidency, Prime Ministry and Speaker’s Office on the continuation of the stay of U.S. troops in the country. Al-Halbusi added that all political parties ultimately postponed the debates in this aspect.

Al-Halbusi said in his speech that the requests regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq play into the hands of terrorism, and that their stay provides ‘political warrants’ to Iraq against external interventions.


These unfortunate statements are actually a typical “Stockholm Syndrome” case. This syndrome corresponds with “falling in love with your executioner”. Unfortunately, the rulers of Muslim countries have an excessive love towards the fierce executioners who put the rope around Muslim’s necks. The fact that the imperialist Kuffar, and US in particular, have invaded our lands and values, is not an acceptable situation; it is a sorrowful situation. However, what is more sorrowful is that the rulers in Muslim lands are politically chained to the imperialist Kuffar. So, the news above is a proof for our statements. Which intellect could admire the imperialist Kafir, U.S., which didn’t leave a stone standing and spared no one in Iraq? How could political warrant be expected from the terrorist state, US, which made Iraq unliveable as it intervened under the pretext of “we will bring democracy”?

Even though it claims to bring peace, justice and a prosperous life to the world by democracy, the only thing we can say for America is the following: Actions speak louder than words!”

–   America is the state which murdered and scattered by terrorizing nearly two million Muslims by invading Iraq only for the purpose of realizing their exploitation goals.

–   America is the state which invaded Afghanistan and killed hundreds of thousands innocent Muslims as part of the “war on terror” policy after the September 11 attacks.

–   America is the state which manages the politics in Syria in order to prevent Islam retaking the lead in the world, and mercilessly murders, pioneers the murder of thousands of Muslims to realize this.

–   America and the imperialist Kuffar are responsible for the babies who die under concrete jungles after bombardments in Syria.

What kind of a carelessness is it, what kind of an understanding is it?

Well, O you rulers!

Do you expect political warrant from America which killed innocent children in Iraq? Do you appeal to this terrorist state which displaced people and made the life unliveable in Iraq?

Are there “reliance” and “safety” in the genes of America, whom you appeal to, from whom you expect political warrant and whom you imitate, so that you have such an expectation?

There are savagery and disorder in the genes of the U.S. There is reckless massacre for their exploitation plans.

Expecting political warrant from the US is like appealing to your murderer. It is like demanding the one who aims to kill you to give you life. It is like asking for help to your enemy who aims at getting rid of you whenever possible. The position of those who expect safety from their enemy bears a resemblance to the story of this Arab proverb:

“The man who got injured by his bloody enemy Amr full of resentment, has to ask for water from his enemy due to the nearing death. However, Amr gives the fatal blow instead of water and kills the man. The man on the other hand, says while he was about to die:

المستجير بعمرو عند كربته *** كالمستجير من الرمضاء بالنار

The state of the one who takes refuge in Amr when trouble increases,

Resembles the one who takes refuge in fire from extreme heat.”

Those who ensanguined the earth and caused this much pain and tear are the imperialist Kuffar and U.S. in particular. Contrary to the statement of Iraq’s parliament speaker, Mohammed al-Halbusi, the real warrant is the complete expulsion of imperialist Kuffar from our lands. The imperialist Kuffar who terrorize by living on blood, chaos and massacre have to leave our lands immediately, not to pursue their existence in our countries. They have to be driven out from our lands, countries and bases, which they use like their backyard. Because Allah forbids to make friends, develop strategic partnerships with the disbelievers, Allah Azza wa Jalla states: يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ لاَ تَتَّخِذُواْ الْكَافِرِينَ أَوْلِيَاء مِن دُونِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ “O you who believe, do not take the disbelievers for friends instead of the believers.” [An-Nisa 144]

Unfortunately, the present rulers do not get enough power to drive out the imperialist Kuffar, and the US in particular, from our lands. Why? Because it has been a long time ago that the rulers of the Muslim Ummah have forgotten to please Allah.

This Ummah was governed by good Caliphs who ruled with the Ahkaam of Allah for centuries, together with their honorable stance to the disbelievers, let alone appealing to and expecting political warrant from them. In the near future, the rulers who make friends with the disbelievers and ignore the blood of Muslims will go, and there will be Rightly Guided Caliphs heralded by Rasulallah, who consider Muslim blood as precious as their own blood.

اِنَّهُمْ يَرَوْنَهُ بَع۪يداً وَنَرٰيهُ قَر۪يباًۜ

“They see it far off, And We see it near.”

[Al-Maarij 6-7]


Abdullah İmamoğlu