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Allah (swt) Sent Islam to Dominate, Not to be Dominated

“Israel” and Saudi Arabia may seem unlikely allies in regional politics but recent developments have pushed Riyadh and Tel Aviv closer together, setting the stage for the Middle East’s strangest bedfellows.

The covert ties between “Israel” and Saudi Arabia, based on an alliance against the “common threat” of Iran, are part of a new regional paradigm, analysts say.


An “Israeli” minister on Monday welcomed remarks by a mufti of Saudi Arabia that Palestinian resistance group Hamas is a terror organization.

“We congratulate Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, as well as the head of Ulema (Islamic scholars) for his fatwa forbidding the fight against the Jews and forbidding to kill them,” “Israeli” Communications Minister Ayoub Kara wrote on his official Twitter account. Adding “I invite the mufti to visit Israel; he will be welcomed with a high level of respect.”


These kinds of events are not new. In the past century many masks fell one after another exposing the true nature of these corrupt ruler elites and their false policies, to the people.

Take for example the recent call for “modernisation” (read: further secularisation) by the “custodians” of the holy places of Islam in order to meet the demands of Washington, not the commends and prohibitions of Allah (swt). Or its financial and military proposal and cooperation with the Jewish entity to counter a “common” enemy while this “new” ally is occupying Palestine. Or its brutal military attack against the Muslims in Yemen by order of the US while standing idle against the butchering of Muslims in Syria.

Or the call for further acceptance of secularism by Erdogan by organising state budget trips to facilitate ceremonies in front of statues of Mustafa Kemal who destroyed the Khilafah state in alignment with the British. Or his declaration of friendship and close ties with the murderous Russian president, Vladimir Putin who is bombing the Muslims in Syria. Or its warm and good relationship with the Jewish entity who is oppressing and killing Muslims for the past 70 years and occupying the third holy place of Islam.

Or the treason of both these states in Syria by executing the American plan against the interest of the Muslims opposing the Syrian regime by diluting and channelizing the opposition towards a secular Syria orbiting around US instead of an Islamic state orbiting around the interests of Islam and the Muslims.

These and many more lists and deceptions are exposed on daily basis and the Ummah is observing these occurrences unfolding upon itself. But no real satisfying change has happened till now. We are still in the same old situation and in some cases, our situation is even worse than before. So, how many masks must fall dawn in order to break the shackles of “trust” and understand that they are being deceived and mislead?

The big question that arises is “what should be the effect of these kind of events on the Muslims?”

Without any doubt, major calamities and shockwaves in the form of deceptive leaders, plans and plots against Islam and the Ummah will not go by unnoticed. It will be recognised and it will motivate and trigger the Muslims to think about their plight situation and will push them to search for solutions. However, we should also realize that observing and acknowledging these realities only is not enough to bring on change, neither by re-acting on it.

Even if hundreds of thousands of calamities would occur and all masks would fall down, it still would not be sufficient to bring about the desired change. It will only show the horrible reality, the true faces of the leaders and their false policies and the need for change. Unless of course the Ummah looks at the dire situation with a razor sharp ideological perfective.

The realities, whether they are political, social or economic should be observed, understand and linked with the Islamic viewpoint of life in order to shape the reality accordingly. Otherwise it will be lost in the situation attempting to find a solution and will never be able to straighten its back.

To give just a small example: the concepts of friendship, alliance and enmity are used by states to shape their relationship with other states. They use these terms according to their desires and propagate their understanding in order that people will adopt it.

However, these concepts are not ambiguous concepts in Islam, in contrary they are clear in their meaning, prerequisites and implications. Accordingly, kafir states which are hostile against Islam and the Muslims like the US, Russia or the Jewish entity can never be recognized as “friend states,” due to their onslaughts and occupation of Muslim lands. These states should be considered as enemy states. Any call for reconciliation and friendship with them should be rejected. This is the Ahkaam (rulings) related to these concepts. And the Muslims should take this as the only reference and source related to these kinds of situations.

When a leader in the Muslim world calls these states friend states, he is using a reference and source other than Islam. When the people are deceived and agree with his decision they will argue that this is just “politics” or “pragmatism” or “benefit”. That means that the people are using a reference and source other than Islam. As long as Muslims don’t change our references and sources in order to understand the realities surrounding us, by linking it with Islam we will always be deceived.

So, these states should be considered as enemy states which aim to disunite, exploit and weaken the Muslim countries. Working together with them to bring any benefit is not only forbidden from a Shar’i perspective but moreover a utopic delusion which will lead the Muslims right in the trap of the spider’s web.

These examples of concepts about friendship, alliance and enmity are just a couple of thousands of concepts. All of these concepts should be taken from one single source and that’s from our Islamic viewpoint of life. And all realities and situations should be linked with it in order to give a meaning to it and shape it according Islam.

Only if we refer and link all our affairs to the sources of Islam, then we will be strong, sharp and envisioned. We could never be misled by some corrupt and false ideas. Instead we will have an ideological alternative and solution which will challenge the dominating ideas, concepts, believes and systems until we change them.

The bottom line is that Islam has come to change and influence the world and his inhabitants. It did not come to be changed and influenced.


Okay Pala

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in The Netherlands