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Africa is Suffering from Western Colonialism and Needs the Khilafah for Liberation

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation has overtaken India and currently is having the highest level of extreme poverty globally! Kenya, East and Central Africa’s largest economy and trading hub has an estimated 17.6 million people in extreme poverty and currently an estimated 1.2 million Kenyans are at risk of death from famine. In total, 14.7 million people are without food as the drought takes its toll! In general the political-social and economic spheres of Africa are in total systemic disarray!


The above two mentioned nations are just an example of the current state of Africa as a result of the continued implementation of the secular capitalist policies that the continent and its leadership inherited from its Western masters. The colonialists are the ones who perpetrated the most heinous crimes ever committed to humanity and that is the mental enslavement of Africans as was stated by Hendrik F. Verwoerd, “There is no place for him (the African) in the European community above the level of certain forms of labour. Until now, he (the African) has been subjected to a school system which drew him away from his community and misled him by showing him the green pastures of the European society where he is not allowed to graze.”  Another crime was the physical enslavement of Africa’s populations and plundering of its resources as was stated by Sir Andries Stockkenstrom “The question of robbing natives of their land is not whether it is right or wrong to plunder their land, massacre and exterminate the Hottentots, the Kaffirs…the simple question is will it PAY? But if the Bible and the missionary stands in the way of this one thousand per cent profit…If in short, they cannot promote the great work of converting a nation of shop-keepers into a nation of millionaires …gun powder will produce a more efficient gospel for the purpose of our system of civilisation.” Furthermore, A British philosopher, Betrand Russell, wrote about some of the colonial atrocities and wrote that, Each village was ordered by the authorities to collect and bring in a certain amount of rubber – as much as the men could bring in by neglecting all work for their own maintenance. If they failed to bring the required amount, their women were taken away and kept as hostages…in the harems of colonial government employees. If this method failed…troops were sent to the village to spread terror, if necessary by killing some of the men…they were ordered to bring one right hand amputated from an African victim for every cartridge used.

The above atrocities were committed by the European colonialists led by Britain, France and their allies when they were the superpowers then. When America emerged ahead of the Second World War and became the superpower, it went ahead and wrestled with European powers for its own share of colonies! Therefore, America via their loyal African agents leaders instigated a wave of resentment across the continent on the pretext of seeking independence from European colonialists! The result was that European powers hijacked the resentments and used them to their advantaged in maintaining status quo by disguising to issue false independence with flags but retained the state machinery with new colonial agent rulers that serve their interests! Hence, America went further and introduced the so-called democratic elections to replace European agents with their own US local agent rulers and if necessary they orchestrate coup d’états and counter coups! This policy of scrambling for Africa between America and Europe continues to date! Their vision for Africa is the same and that is to subjugate, plunder and enslave its people as cheap labour! The only difference is that America with its allies are currently spearheading a global and open onslaught on Islam and Muslims via their so-called ‘war on extremism and terrorism’. The sole purpose is to vilify Islam and Muslims as the alternative ideology to their invalid secular capitalist ideology that has wreak havoc across the world to an extent even the blind can see the corruption permeated across all spheres of life! In addition to ultimately create confusion to humankind and especially Muslims not to view Islam as an alternative ideology capable of solving the current problems facing them across the world.

The current state of Africa is the same across the world and especially in the Middle East which witnessed the partitioning of the once One United Islamic State of Khilafah (Caliphate) into 54 statelets led by foolish sub-servant colonial rulers who look up to Washington, London and Paris for guidance! The division was finalized on 3 March 1924 CE when the Khilafah was destroyed! The only solution lies in the replacement of the colonialist agent rulers together with their secular capitalist ideology and its systems. That is only possible through the embracement of the Call for Khilafah on the method of Prophethood that is reverberating across the world and championed by Hizb ut Tahrir. It is only under the Khilafah that the secular capitalists with their policies be cut off from the exploitation of Africa, Middle East etc. through implementation of their evil policies and laws. The Khilafah will deliver genuine tranquility, development and prosperity through comprehensive execution of the Shari’ah (Qur’an and Sunnah), led by a just leader the Khalifah who yearns for the highest levels of Paradise by concerning himself to seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt).


Ali Nassoro Ali

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya