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Afghanistan Has Turned Into Frustrating News for the Super Power!

On July 2, Joe Biden, the US president was pressed with series of questions during a press conference by reporters on US troops’ withdrawal from Bagram Airbase. Biden seemed to be extremely irritated by these questions and told them: “I’m not going to answer any more questions about Afghanistan. I want to talk about happy things… This holiday weekend, I’m going to celebrate it. There’s great thing happening!”

Alhamdulillah! Once again, Afghanistan has turned into a frustrating issue for the arrogant invading power of the time whose president gets distressed when hearing the name of Afghanistan and sees it as a bad thing. Three times before, the British invaders suffered a humiliating defeat in this Islamic land, followed by the ideological defeat of the socialist Soviet in the 20th century; and as for today, in the 21st century, the US and NATO have been disgracefully defeated in Afghanistan like the previous invaders.

Biden’s response to the reporters is part of a US effort to conceal its embarrassing defeat in Afghanistan from the eyes of international community; however, the US and NATO’s military defeat in Afghanistan has turned into an apparent reality of the world. Twenty years ago, the US encouraged the entire world for a war against its imaginary foe (Islam and the Islamic Ummah), which she reckoned to be the only global threat to her ideology and civilization in the future. While Islam had no true Islamic State on the ground. Twenty years later, the true nature of the ‘war on terror’ scenario was revealed as the world’s first super power was crushed by a number of Muslims who even didn’t have the capability of producing slippers for themselves to cover their bare feet.

Indeed, the humiliating military defeat of US in Afghanistan forced it to negotiate a deal with a group it once labeled as ‘terrorists’ but now has changed its mind so far since 2001. Because at that time, the US audaciously rejected any talks with the Taliban and insisted only on a military solution by bolstering the occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq. As for now, it insists that the issue of Afghanistan has no military solution, and that it must be addressed through a dialogue. The US has signed the Doha Agreement with the Taliban to secure the safe withdrawal of its troops under the guise of peace talks, evacuating the Bagram Airbase – its largest airbase in Central Asia. Bagram has been a strong icon of American power. At Bagram, the US had established horrific prisons like Guantanamo and Abu Ghuraib where no humane values and/or captive rights were respected. The US even wanted Bagram to turn into a leading anchor of US forces in Asia.

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan comes at a time when promises of Nation-and State-Building, reconstruction, human rights, democracy, freedom and their entire so-called Western values ​​have been proved nothing but big lies as they even destroyed their equipment, leaving Afghans with a legacy of war, corruption, poverty and evil.

The US is trying to hide and retaliate its failure by keeping the two Afghan warring sides at a deteriorating war over power and the geography of Afghanistan by keeping an eye to ensure the balance of war between the two. They want Afghans to once again keep fighting among themselves like how the former Mujahideen did after the defeat of the Soviet to defame the Taliban on the one hand, and to not allow an Islamic group to turn into a victorious specimen for other Muslims in the Islamic world. On the other hand, they want to take revenge from the Afghans by communicating it to the world that Islamic groups that claim Islam would never be able to address the people’s problems; thus, it’s them [Islamic groups] who ignite wars and conflicts in the local communities.

So let’s not repress the pride of Afghan Muslims which says that ‘Afghanistan has turned into a destructive thorn in the throat of the American invaders’ by means of intensifying the Intra-Afghan War. Instead of fighting each other, we must try to thwart the evil plans of the invaders one after another by giving each other the hand of brotherhood based on Islam, forgetting our previous problems, and finally getting together under a united Islamic agenda. We must not eradicate the invaders from Afghanistan only, but instead, we must struggle together with the Muslims of the entire region to eliminate the Western ideology, their culture, values, economic dominance, intelligence influence, and the colonialism of any kind of from the face of the earth in order to pave the way for the re-establishment of a second Righteous Caliphate (Khilafah Rashidah).

Saifullah Mustanir
Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan