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Afghan Muslim Woman: An Item of Rivalry, Pleasure and Political Pressure in Democracy whereas a Nanny of Generations and Heroes in Islam

On Friday, November 30th, the British Guardian Newspaper and several other newspapers reported that senior figures associated with Afghanistan women’s football team have claimed that sexual abuses took place inside Afghanistan, including at the federation’s headquarters, and at a training camp in Jordan last February. Following the allegation, the Afghan Attorney General Office has proclaimed that it will investigate allegations of sexual abuse that took place in the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF). Khalida Popalzai, a player and the former head of the women’s football department at the AFF, said that she and some other players are ready to share documentations and evidence to the Attorney General Office. They have photos and films to have proved their claims, and have already shared them with the FIFA World Federation,” she added. (Ref: Radio Azadi)


Everyone, unequivocally, realizes that such sexual abuses and sexual misconducts against women have kept growing in all arenas of the society and human-with-human interactions under the umbrella of the current infidel ruling system. Sometimes, personal contentions and rivalries between individuals, though most of the time, measures taken by international NGOs and agendas developed by infidels (Kuffar) have helped expose such horrific issues in Muslim communities so as to win the public opinion for their own interests. The infidels have been extremely maneuvering to desensitize the sentimental issues among Muslim societies – undoubtedly, this is one of the examples of those planned measures.

The fact is that in the absence of an Islamic State in Afghanistan, women have been repeatedly exposed to such threatening hazards, harassments and abuses; even though, women’s honor, dignity, and chastity in Afghanistan were still marked as one of the red-lines for Afghans which following the U.S. and NATO occupation of Afghanistan – for about 18 years – the women and the Muslim family were designated as the main targets of the infidel Embassies and agencies whose strategies, goals and plans are mostly being implemented by international foundations, NGOs and all institutions of Afghan government. This has reached to an extent that none of the projects would be called for tender and/or accepted by donors if they are unlikely to concordantly meet the American-Western Gender Policy. Even one of the commitments the Afghan government has pledged to the international community at most international conferences, including the latest Geneva Conference, has been the augmentation of such issues. Hence, this is the America and the West, with the assistance of governmental and non-governmental organizations of Afghanistan, which have brought-in such a horrible destiny for Muslim women.

All these calamities against women are carried out through seemingly attractive slogans, which in reality are illusorily deceptive; they are as ‘individual freedom’, ‘women’s rights’, ‘advocating women’s and children’s rights and ‘gender equality in governmental and non-governmental organizations’ and so on. If a comprehensive revision is carried out in order scrutinize the entire programs and agendas designed and developed by the U.S., the West and the Afghan government, one would obviously discover that they all have made their firm determination to eradicate the only persisted least values of Islam from the lives of Afghans and to instill the Western thoughts and values into the minds of Afghan men and women which are explicitly contradicting the basics ​​of Islam, so that Afghan women would fearlessly disrobe and get to the open marketplaces and primp of their body because the ‘individual freedom’ is secured in a democratic government. They associate with men in all arenas where their chastity is open to exploitation, in some cases, even leads to adultery; thus, their responsible men would not be able to prevent, ponder and control them.

While Islam considers ‘woman’ as a unique identity (owning honor, chastity, dignity and decency) whose protection is obligatory for Muslims. Woman is considered as a mother, sister, daughter and wife in Islam. The wife acts like a caretaker for a husband and leads the entire family and its affairs. She is the nanny of generations and heroes of the Ummah. Woman is a honorable creature who completes half of his life of a man as the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ has instructed that women must be treated blessingly.

By means of its limited wisdom, the West, has alienated the women from their innate and natural differences under the guise of ‘Gender’ and has been deceptively communicating that either a woman or a man could play the role of one another in the society. Even recently, the West has initiated transsexual programs which have caused an extremely fatal catastrophe in human social life. It is the human-made principles that have reduced the position of a woman from being a human to a worthless item by disgracefully exploiting the women for commercial advertisements, beauty pageants, fashion shows, mixed working places, music and dance mixed-parties, half-naked contests, sports, and so on.

Islam is the religion of the Creator who has created the entire mankind and has given the woman a prestigious status. Woman in Islam is seen as a human, not an item; who owns dignity, not ignominy; who is a mother as the heaven lies under her feet. Protecting and defending a woman is obligatory for men, which indeed, is about guarding their honor, chastity, purity and dignity. Muslims are effusively gushed to protect the woman even if they are led to death, and even if they are killed while defending a woman, they will be counted as Shaheed. Such a thought will help eradicate unchastity and baseness, vulgarity, prostitution and immorality from the society. Otherwise, the consequence of every woman and girl will lead to adversity and humiliation in this world and the hereafter.

Oh, Muslim sisters! Oh, the brave people of Afghanistan! Rise and stand against the entire goals, slogans, plans, plots and means of the colonial infidels, the puppet Afghan government and their institutions by re-establishing the Islamic State (the Caliphate) so that it would fully implement Islam and wipe-out the schemed big conspiracies which are plotted against women, family and social life of Muslims and to discard adultery and all forms of harassments and prostitutions from the community so that we would receive the ‘satisfaction’ of Almighty Allah in this world, and the ‘Jannah’ in the hereafter as its width is considerably greater than both heaven and earth.


Saifullah Mustanir

Director of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan