Abolish Democracy, Establish Khilafah: New Jockey for America’s Horse in Pakistan, Democracy

Through the 2013 elections, America now has a new jockey for its “horse in Pakistan”, democracy, as its Ambassador Mr. Olson called it. And throughout the election campaign, America was forced to breathe life into this dying and diseased horse. People have lost hope in democracy and see Islam as its replacement and only hope for the country. So, America’s agents tried to drown the Ummah with a campaign of billions of Rupees for democracy, in which multinational companies and some Ulemah were made to play their part. Despite this campaign, those who did vote, did not vote through a faith in democracy, but rather to try and save themselves from even more harm from America’s rabid horse. The opinion on the streets was that those who decided to vote, would vote for the “least worst” or the “best of the worst” or the “smaller thief over the bigger thief.” Such are the “high” standards that democracy has set!

The new jockey of America’s horse will subjugate Pakistan even more before India, as per his American masters’ instruction, who ordered and forbid him through his previous two terms, to the point that the people prayed for the immediate end of his rule. Already, the incoming jockey disclosed his intention regarding surrender before India, before a group of Indian journalists, in such a submissive and shameless manner, that a leading Urdu national daily wrote in its editorial, asking him, “Are you going to contest this election in Pakistan or in India?” The new jockey will facilitate America in order to secure permanent bases in Afghanistan, under the guise of a limited, partial withdrawal. By doing so he will grant a “permanent stay visa” to hostile colonialist forces on the door step of the world’s sole Muslim power, to conspire and ignite a war of Fitna, as it has been doing since the beginning of its crusade. This new jockey will implement the IMF’s budget for Pakistan, further burdening the people by imposing increased taxes, crippling Pakistan’s industry that is already reeling from rampant inflation and energy shortages. And not only will he provide cover for Kayani’s treachery, the jockey will pave the way for Kayani’s promotion as a five star, powerful Chief of Defence Staff, a post to be created as a reward from America for burning our armed forces as fuel for its crusade.

Now that the people have seen “no change,” it’s time to work for real change, by abolishing democracy and establishing Khilafah.

Shahzad Shaikh

Deputy to the Official Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan

Sunday 2nd Rajab 1434 AH

12/05/2013 CE

N0: PR13050