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Abbott Government Takes Refuge in the Dropping of Bombs

Whist the magnitude of the Syrian refugee crisis unfolds, the Abbott government has announced imminent Air Force bombing operations in Syria. Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia says:

  • To join military bombing operations in Syria at the behest of the United States further demonstrates Australia’s ongoing political servitude to America. Once again, Australia looks to blindly follow America into war and act as an ally in murder, with the drums of war beating on.
  • Previous military efforts, such as the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, which Australia has participated in alongside the United States have ended in disaster with mountains of bodies, nations utterly destroyed and large scale displacement. Renewed military aggression in Syria will only escalate the current crisis.
  • It is this context of instability crafted by Western powers that has led to the disastrous emergence of the ISIS militia which is now used as the pretext for further military commitment. Western military interference in Muslim lands consistently makes matters worse, with innocent Muslims and non-Muslims inevitably suffering. Yet the cycle of Western interference, subsequent deterioration of the targeted nation and renewed war to “fix” it continues.
  • It has been confirmed that air strikes will not target the Assad government. The government’s hypocrisy allows the client Assad regime to kill hundreds of thousands, including countless children who slowly died from chemical attacks and barrel bombings, and they then announce strikes against the vastly inferior evil. Insatiable Western bloodlust has led to war efforts that, under the guise of fighting ISIS, aim to quash the very revolution Assad has failed to combat with the West seeking to impose their political solution that rewards the murderers of Syria.
  • Focus must remain upon why refugees desperately flee the Muslim world. The chaos of the region results from Western policies and wars, whether direct or through agents like the Assad regime. The West refuses to take any responsibility, seeking to paint a picture of a backward Muslim world fraught with terrorism that is always in need of saving – whilst it is the terror of Western intervention that requires escape.
  • The refugee crisis has exposed the immorality of the Australian political establishment. Julie Bishop has called for bombing campaigns in order to assist in curbing the crisis – she incredibly suggests that further war will alleviate a symptom of war. Tony Abbott, in a lowly move, has also attempted to exploit the tragedy by seeking to use it to consolidate support for his “stop the boats” policy.
  • Numerous politicians, including Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop, Eric Abetz and Cory Bernardi, have expressed shameful discrimination in calling for selective intake of refugees from minorities. The horrors of war, and the bombs the government will drop, do not discriminate and further, how can claims of concern for minorities be given credibility when it is the majority that the government is complicit in slaughtering?

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Australia

Wednesday, 25th Dhul Qi’dah 1436 AH

09/09/2013 CE

No.: 07/15