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A Strong Nation is Born from Strong Thoughts

Answering the questions of journalists about the agenda at the Presidential Complex, President Erdoğan said, “Strong nations consist of strong families. As a requirement of our ancient civilization, we are a nation made up of strong families. It is not anyone’s place to spoil the family structure of this nation. We will protect our family structure from all kinds of perversions.” (Haber7, 03/11/2022)

The greatest power of a nation is its ideology. Spiritual (ideological) power is much stronger than material power. It is the ideas (spiritual power) of the family that leads to the development or collapse of the family. Today, in Turkey, apart from some thoughts and feelings, the ideas that govern the family or individuals are capitalist beliefs and systems that are contrary to human nature and are not based on mind. According to this, strong nations and strong families are born from the ideas they believe in. If the ideas and thoughts that dominate families are capitalist ideas and feelings, as in Turkey and most other Islamic countries today, a strong nation cannot be established. The best proof of this is the situation of peoples and states in Islamic countries.

We said that strong nations cannot be established with capitalist ideas. Here, a question may come to mind; Well, aren’t the American and Western peoples or states that believe in the capitalist ideology a powerful nation or state? The strength of these countries does not come from the ideology they believe in, but from the material power they have. Because their ideologies are outdated, their ideas are rotten, and their behavior is corrupt. Such weak, corrupt, rotten ideas and behaviors cannot produce strong nations. The structure and situation of weak individuals and disintegrated families in Europe and the US is the best proof of this. Therefore, the strength of the US and Europe stems not from the strength of their family structures or the soundness and correctness of their ideologies, but from the material power they have and the absence of strong nations against them. Where there are weak, those who are structurally weak but somewhat strong emerge as strong nations. The strength of America and Europe today is due to the fact that they do not have a strong Islamic Ummah (State) against them.

Although Erdogan is responsible, he claimed that some deviant groups have disrupted the family structure of the Turkish nation. This is the model of blaming someone else in times of desperation and insolvency. Or blaming others to cover up your own guilt. If it is necessary to look for a criminal and someone responsible, it is necessary to look for those who knowingly rule families and individuals with ideas and systems that are rotten, corrupt and contrary to their beliefs. In short, not the perverted groups such as LGBT, but the system allows them to spring up like mushrooms in the name of freedom, and the ruler who voluntarily implements this outdated system that dishonors the family structure of the Turkish nation. Because if there is immorality, evil, corruption, misery, hunger, unemployment, poverty, etc. in a country, any behavior and phenomenon that does not suit human well-being and an honorable life, Erdogan is responsible. Because each leader is responsible for his flock.

«فَالإِمَام رَاعٍ وهو مَسْؤولٌ عن رَعِيَّتِهِ»

“An imam is a shepherd and he is responsible for his flock.”

As a person responsible for his flock, Erdoğan cannot protect our family structure with the idea of capitalism, which ruins, disintegrates, crumbles and scatters our family structure. With poison, a person is not cured, on the contrary, he dies. With toxic capitalist ideas and poisoned rulers who implement these poisonous ideas, our family structure cannot be preserved, on the contrary, it will be poisoned. Frequently seeing family murders and massacres in the news is an indication and proof of this. The family monster is only born from monstrous ideas. Erdogan should understand this well and if he wants to protect the family, he should implement the Islamic ideology that will protect the family. Everything else is rhetorical.

Ercan Tekinbaş