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A Dimension of American War Logic against us!

In a bloody incident, last Friday, which took place in a Shi’a Masjid of Gardiz city, Paktia province of Afghanistan, two gunmen first opened fire on the worshipers and later detonated their explosive vests among the crowd who were fleeing the Masjid. As a result, 34 people were reportedly killed and around 94 others were injured. The office of the president, in a press release, stated that: “The terrorist attacks against the religious minorities cannot create a sectarian conflict.” It added that “The Afghan religious unity and tolerance is unmatched across the Muslim world, which will continue to exist.” (source) (Reuters)


The Afghan people have never carried any religious assaults against each other in the past – prior to the American and NATO presence in Afghanistan. However, in the post Bilateral Strategic and Security Agreements – that were signed between the US and Afghanistan Governments – era, the Shi’a, Sikh and Hindu minorities have now become prey to numerous atrocious assaults for the US has secured long term military basis in Afghanistan. Consequently, their blames of such attacks are always thrown at the Daesh (ISIS) fighters – without any solid evidence – by the Afghan media and officials, as well as, their political impacts are indirectly used by the Afghan government, even the palace. It is quite true that “the Afghan religious unity and tolerance is unmatched across the Muslim world” – as said by Ashraf Ghani, while he is the biggest liar and a great traitor of Afghanistan.

After their invasion of Afghanistan, the Americans have either assassinated a lot of Afghan tribal, political and Jihadi leaders or have humiliated, degraded and brought them to their knees. They, through their forces, have carried out even greater atrocities in the country. In addition, they have trained a sort of Afghan Special Forces, who are even more atrocious and criminal in war than themselves. Moreover, they have employed some apolitical Islamists in order to further crush Islam and Muslims, under the guise of fighting terrorism, one of which is Daesh – the footprint of whom we can clearly see in this latest incident and its types.

The Americans are benefitting from Daesh on different scales in Afghanistan. On a regional level, they use Daesh – under the excuse of seeking revenge against the crimes committed by Russian and Iranian backed sectarian forces in Syria in order to put militant pressure against Iran and Russia. On a local level, they use Daesh in order to target Shi’a, Sikh and Hindu religious minorities in Afghanistan. This in itself will engulf a new wave of religious conflict amongst the people of Afghanistan. In addition, Daesh also tries to fight the Taliban – accusing them of the Sufi and Bid’ati nature. This will be a new conflict that will eradicate religious unity and tolerance from Afghanistan.

Every facet of this filthy American game is well understood on regional and local level. Therefore, the Russians have repeatedly accused some Afghan officials for transporting the Daesh fighters to the north of Afghanistan, using Afghan Military helicopters. In addition, Iranians have also repeatedly warned of many prospected Daesh terrorist attacks against the Shi’a minorities in Afghanistan. Moreover, the public opinion has also been leaning towards the belief that Daesh is an American tool of the war project, which is being implemented through unemployed, naive, emotional Muslim youth, the Afghan security sector and American mercenaries.

As a matter of fact, the Americans were trying to first establish Daesh in the eastern Afghanistan and then stretch them up to the northern Afghan provinces that are bordering the central Asian countries. However, before this materializes, the Taliban were able to take control of wide northern territories and carry many successful military operations against Daesh in Zabul and Nangrahar provinces. The Afghan government, however, has always bombarded the fighting Taliban in order to give the Daesh fighters an upper hand during the battles.

In the meantime, after the polar bear awakened from its political hibernation and realized the American plan of destabilization of the Central Asian countries, Russia, therefore, stationed more troops in Tajikistan and also started their military exercises. After that, some of the Western tourists were targeted by Daesh in Tajikistan, which resulted in the death of at least four of them. Due to the fact that the Russians have no courage and ability to face the US or its mercenaries in the Afghan borders; therefore, all of its political, propaganda and military related activities are focused on its own defences only. That is why, the Tajik Officials – which is a Russian puppet government – blamed the Daesh attack on the Tajikistan Islamic Movement. Thus, a few days later, the Taliban forces stormed the only Daesh stronghold in Darzab District – Jawzjan province – north of Afghanistan, and cleared the area of any Daesh presence. But once again, the Afghan forces not only bombarded the Taliban heavily, but also rescued the Daesh fighters with their military helicopters under the name of captivating them. All these points expose the fact that the Afghan war is fought on behalf of other forces – yet it shows another dirty angle of the proxy war in the country.

But, what the Muslims of Afghanistan and the whole Muslims of the world need to know is the fact that the Americans – using the puppet and traitor regimes in the Muslim lands – have launched different programs in different corners of the Muslim world within different scales. These are all aimed at keeping us busy fighting each other while they will use our geostrategic locations and natural resources for their own advantages and without facing any challenges. The Americans have always appointed traitors from our own skin and blood and have used them to implement these vicious programs. They disregard the value of the lives of our children, women and men because they consider themselves as advanced and consider us as backward and a burden upon them. Therefore, they have developed a warring logic, based on which it is required of them to make sure that the people of the ‘third world’ remain backward and be eliminated in the most vicious manner. Such logic is openly seen in many of their intellectual and political writings that is being implemented in the Muslim world.

Prior to the Americans, the humanity has also seen such manmade systems, which have employed such Warring Logic against many nations. One of such tyrants was the Pharaoh (Feraoun) and his system, who kept his nation in ignorance, darkness and humiliation in order to not let them find the truth about the existence of the real God and his authority and it was the trial of Bani Israel. However, the same God drowned them into the red sea. Now this Pharaonic America, its anti-Christ forces, mercenaries, intelligence agencies and its puppet regimes in the Muslim lands are trying to keep us ignorant and humiliated; all in all, in order to make us follow them in every step of our lives. This is the same test of God upon us as was it upon the children of Israel; otherwise, he could have evaporated them in a snap of the fingers.

Therefore, rise oh Ummah of Muhammad! Learn from the uprising of Moses against the Pharaoh and don’t make the same hesitations as were done by the children of Israel. Strive upon the method of the Prophethood so the Righteous Khilafah (Caliphate) is established again and the infidel invading forces are defeated; and it will be able to take the upper hand in political and military arenas; follow them from house to house; free their nations and bring them from colonialism to the blessed Deen of Islam.

“He – the Pharaoh, in order to continue with his disobedience – incited his people to levity – kept them apolitical and ignorant – and they obeyed him. Surely they were an iniquitous people.”

Rise! And don’t lose this opportunity! Otherwise, we too will be considered as a lewd nation.


Saifullah Mustanir

Director of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan