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11 Percent of High School Students in Jakarta and Bandung Support Khilafah

Setara Institute once again conducted a survey that highlights the system of Khilafah. The institution that campaigns for pluralism and human rights, on Tuesday (24/5) released a survey about the tolerance level of high school students in Jakarta and Bandung. The survey involved 760 high school students aged between 15-19 years in the two major cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Bandung, as the respondents.

In the report, Setara Institute mentions that in general there is a great tolerance of the level of tolerance among high school students in Jakarta and Bandung. However, Setara warns that the support for idea of Khilafah is worrying. One question in the survey is about what system of government should be applied in Indonesia, though 86 percent of them support democracy, 11 percent of high school students answered that Khilafah system should be applied in Indonesia. 2 percent was abstains and 1 percent answered monarchy system.

For the questions of social and political system, 69 percent of the respondents wanted the religious values exist in every social and political affair. When asked about the application of sharia law in Indonesia, 58 percent of them agreed and 17 percent disagreed while the rest did not answer. When asked about the topic of choosing leaders, 38 percent said they were unwilling to choose local leaders of different religions, 30.8 percent even said were unwilling to elect the head of the class/school organization of different religions. When asked about the minorities, such as the Ahmadis, 36 percent said the activities of the minorities should be limited.

The Vice Chairman of the Setara Institute, Bonar Tigor Naipospos, said that these figures show an alarming intolerance and conservatism among the adolescents in Indonesia.

The support of the high school students in Jakarta and Bandung for the system of Khilafah is certainly encouraging. Although it is still small, which is around 11 percent, compared to the support for the democratic system, it shows the influence of the hard work of dakwah among the youth and the students. It also shows the awareness among the Islamic youth about the importance of Islamic system of Khilafah for the Muslims.

It is very clear that Khilafah system is required by the Muslims, as a political institution which applies thorough Islamic Shariah , given that the application of Islamic sharia is obligatory for every Muslim which is unnegotiable. The implementation of the complete Islamic law is a consequence of the faith of a Muslim as well as the evidence of the love to Allah and His Prophet.

The application of the total Islamic law by the state is also the real solution to the various problems faced by Indonesia and the world today. Various corrupt things, crimes, tyranny, and poverty are very visible, which are the results of the absence of the application of Islamic law by the state. Instead, it is the Capitalism system applied in Indonesia which causes the sufferings suffered by the people today. The solution of Islamic Sharia and Khilafah is the evidence of the love of dakwah carriers to Indonesia.

After all as the citizens, we love this country. For that we offer Islamic Shariah and Khilafah as the real solution.

Therefore, the concerns of Setara Institute are baseless because Khilafah will offer its kindness to all mankind. This system will apply the Islamic law in totality so that Islam as Rahmatan lil ‘Alamin, a mercy to all mankind, will actually materialize. Allegations of intolerance are simply negative stigma which is ahistorical. History proves how in Khilafah system people from different nationalities races, skin colors, and multi-religious live in harmony. The non-Muslims were allowed to worship according to their religions, because there is no compulsion to Islam. As for ahlul dhimma, their safety and security is guaranteed by the Khilafah.

But of course Khilafah system does not tolerate to the teachings such as the Ahmadis who claim to be Islam. There is zero tolerance against the crimes and criminality such as LGBT, prostitution, adultery, and other immorality since all those things are contrary to Islamic law. This includes no tolerance to the imperialist nations to plunder the natural wealth of the lands of Islam, disrupt the unity and integrity of the state. Khilafah will protect the Muslim countries including Indonesia from the greed of colonialism.

The efforts of Setara Institute to link the Khilafah and Sharia Islam with ISIS or other specific groups -which contradict with the Islamic sharia are clearly a cheap propaganda –  a stupid generalization. The students who join Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group that is seriously fighting for Khilafah, surely indicates the opposite. These students are never far away from their families, their love for their parents is even more strengthened, and they become more obedient to their parents.

Setara should open their eyes and see how there is a change of the young people participated in the dakwah with Hizb-ut Tahrir. They not only demand a change in the system to make it better, but these young people have also transformed themselves into better people. They become the young people who are pious, energetic to worship, away from harmful things to them such as drinking, drugs, student brawling and free sex.

They also become more obedient to their parents, and pay respect for their teachers. They spend their time productively for dakwah and study. Many of them excel in their schools and manage to enroll in leading universities. All of these cannot be separated from the religious impulses, their strict adherence to Islamic law.

As a result, the efforts to criminalize the struggle of the Khilafah will fail. Anyone should be more aware that the systems of capitalism, democracy, liberalism, and pluralism are the root of many problems in Indonesia and around the globe. The facts of the corrupt capitalism are very easy to see before your eyes and easy to point out by your fingers. There is no other option for the Muslims except Shariah and Khilafah. This struggle continues to run with the sincere work and hard work until Allah gives victory to the Muslims. Allahu Akbar.

Farid Wadjdi

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